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The Womb Room Podcast

Dec 21, 2022

In Chinese Medicine, the womb is known as an "extraordinary organ", and offers us wisdom about the energetics of our bodies, and how we can best tend to balance throughout our life cycles. In this conversation with acupuncturist, herbalist and womb tender,  Kristin Hauser.

  • Yin and yang energetics in the body, and the practice of surrender
  • Kristin's postpartum lessons and honoring the desire to become a mother
  • What it means to live in a time of "yin depletion" and the importance of preconception nourishment
  • How a Chinese medicine lens can help us break free from orienting to our bodies through a medical paradigm 
  • The heart-womb meridian, and the brilliance of why our womb holds so much emotion

As a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, somatic sex educator and mama, Kristin runs Womb Medicine: an online platform for empowering womb and sexual health education. You can check out her courses and yoni steam blends at, and her virtual and in-person 1-1 care here  She also co-teaches The Blood Mysteries School, which opens in February.

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